Boneheaded labor disputes questioned

I was very irritated by the column "B.C. slips back into Strike-istan" (B.C. Views, July 26). I felt it was very biased and unfair to people who are not in a large income bracket, i.e. most of us.

There is no such thing as a "comfy" picket line. I firmly believe that no person wants to strike. I do believe that most of them are pushed into it by intransigent employers who actually want a strike. They save money during a strike and encourage the public to be outraged.

I cannot understand how you can justify offering wage increases of around three per cent and less for the next four years. Columnist Tom Fletcher has conveniently forgotten about our provincial government representatives giving themselves a raise of 29 per cent in one year, plus their huge pension benefits and expense accounts. I think that alone is a cause for people to expect a little more fairness in wage increases.

I believe that most of us do not call the disputes "bonehead labor disputes" – who are the boneheads? Employers? Or is he referring only to working people as "boneheads"?

I can understand the frustration of people who are inconvenienced by strikes, but it would certainly be refreshing if editorials such as this could look at both sides and what started it all in the first place. That way the public would at least get a true picture of the causes of a current strike.

Barb Brighton, Richmond


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