Henry George Born, Astray Over Yerevan, Hồ Chi Minh Dead

September 2: On This Progressive Day
Progressive Republican U.S. Veep Theodore Roosevelt utters the famous phrase, "Speak softly and carry a big stick" at the Minnesota State Fair (1901)

North Vietnam declares its independence, forming the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1945)

U.S. Air Force C-130A-II is shot down by progressive fighters over Yerevan, Armenia when it strays into Soviet airspace while conducting a sigint mission; all crew lost (1958)

U.S. recognizes the independence of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (1991)

b: Henry George (1839), Werner von Blomberg (1878), Benjamin Aaron (1915), Ahmad Shah Massoud (1953); d: Hồ Chi Minh (1969)

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Poland Attacked, al-Gaddafi Regime Rising, Soviets Shoot Down KAL 007

September 1: On This Progressive Day
National German Socialist Workers Party soldiers attack Poland, beginning the World War II in Europe (1939)

A coup d'etat in Libya elevates Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi to power (1969)

Attempted assassination of King Hussein of Jordan by Palestinian guerrillas, who attacked his motorcade (1970)

A coup d'état in the Central African Republic overthrows President David Dacko (1981)

Korean Air Flight 007 is shot down by a Soviet Union jet fighter, all 269 on board are killed, including U.S. Rep. Lawrence McDonald (1983)

The Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist is founded, following a split from the Communist Labour Party of Turkey (1990)

b: Walter Reuther (1907), Ann Richards (1933), Mikhail Fradkov (1950); d: Albert Speer (1981), Ilse Koch (1967)

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Eldridge Cleaver Born, WW II On, Symbionese Liberationists Fail

August 31: On This Progressive Day
National German Socialist Workers Party operatives stage an attack on Gleiwitz radio station, providing an excuse for a military attack against Poland the following day, starting World War II in Europe (1939)

William and Emily Harris, founders of the Symbionese Liberation Army, plead guilty to the 1974 kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst (1978)

Kyrgyzstan declares its independence from the Soviet Union (1991)

At Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia, President B. Hussein Obama plays his 17th round of golf as POTUS (2009)

A new design of the Oval Office is presented to the D.C press corps; also President B. Hussein Obama makes a speech declaring an end to the War in Iraq (2010)

At U.S. Army Garrison Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Virginia, President B. Hussein Obama plays his 142nd round of golf as POTUS; he also asks Congress to authorize military action against Syria (2013)

b: Eldridge Cleaver (1935), d: Dodi Al-Fayed (1997), Sergey Leonidovich Sokolov (2012), Ali Jawad al-Sheikh (2011), David Frost (2013)

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Decree For Red Terror, Guy Burgess Dead, JFK Opens Hotline

August 30: On This Progressive Day
Fanya Kaplan, an assassin, shoots and seriously injures Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin; this, along with the assassination of Bolshevik senior official Moisei Uritsky days earlier, prompts the decree for Red Terror (1918)

Hotline between U.S. and Soviet leaders goes into operation (1963)

The People's Mujahedin of Iran assassinate Iran's President Mohammad-Ali Rajai and Prime Minister Mohammad-Javad Bahonar (1981)

Tatarstan declares independence from the RSFSR (1990)

While being towed across the Barents Sea, the de-commissioned Russian submarine K-159 sinks, taking 9 of her crew and 800 kg of spent nuclear fuel with her (2003)

President B. Hussein Obama lectures President Toomas Hendrik Ilves of Estonia, President Dalia Grybauskaitė of Lithuania and Andris Bērziņš of Latvia on "flexibility" with Russia (2013)

b: Huey Long (1893), Molly Ivins (1944), d: Konstantin Rodzaevsky (1946), Guy Burgess (1963)

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